tips to help improve your smartphone photography

Tips To Improve Your Smartphone Photography

  1. Know your phone camera settings: Based on the environment, the quality of the image will get improved. The environment and lighting conditions plays a major role in photography. If you want the picture to be perfect you should change the camera settings in the smartphone. The most common settings to be changed are focus, exposure, white balance and ISO. In the smartphone cameras, if you want to focus on some object just tap it. Based on phone, the camera setting might change. The exposure and focus are integrated together. So , if you change one, The others will also change. For white balance you should change settings in the camera.
  2. Set your resolution high: higher the resolution, better will be the photo. When you want to take a picture which is in long distance go near to that object and then shoot a picture, so that your picture will be in good quality. Don’t zoom in and take photo. If you do, your picture quality will be very low.
    10 tips to help improve your photography in smartphone
  3. Yes back camera and no front camera: usually front camera is for taking selfie. Front camera will have low resolution power. The back camera will have more resolution and it is equipped with higher mega pixels whereas front camera is for video conferencing.
  4. Lenses are the windows to your soul: simple act of cleaning lens will make your picture better. The lens are most important part of camera. When you keep your smartphone in pocket are anywhere else, always wipe it off, because there is a chance of dust in it.
  5. Tripods and monopods got your back: the tripods and monopods will give better clarity of photo. The tripods are for shooting slow in shutter speed and monopod is fo taking single shoot. The tripods are portable. You take it to anywhere. It can also wraped and taken. The monopods can be inserted to selfie stick.
  6. Go towards the light: Better the environment better the photography. The light will improve the quality of the picture.
    10 tips to help improve your smartphone photography
  7. Composition rules, period: rule of third, leading lines, scale, framing are few composition rules. If you follow this your picture will be in good quality.
  8. Panorama and burst mode: If you want to take 360 degree picture or a long shot use this shoot.
  9. Third party camera apps: if your camera has minimum settings, use third party setting.
  10. Photo editing apps: Don’t worry. If your picture is not with good lighting condition use these apps.