water on green leaves

How to capture the amazing Water Droplets Photography  

All humans love to experiment with different situations and formulas to get good photography. Some people are more passionate about photography and they try to take different and spiritual shots even with their phone cameras.

You can capture the different shots from your home itself, for example taking a picture of foods, capturing a candid shot of your pets and the main thing is water drops. Water droplets are one of the interesting ones you can capture the amazing shots with water and produce eye-catching photographs.

Water drops make a great subject for photography by its colors, reflections, and structure. Water droplets photography creates more fun and you need some bit of patience and knowledge about photogra water drip from the lemon phy.

Here are some points for you to capture the stunning water droplets

First Design you Water Droplets

Select a bright-colored dishes and flavored foods to drip your water droplets that give a great look to the photography. You can also use the glasswares with the piece of a colored piece of charts or cards behind the photography. Before drip water cleans the surface making sure there is no dust and mesh that adds more clearance to the photography. In a final shot, you can see the amazing creations of water droplets.

You can fix the shape of your water droplets by adjusting the depth of water in your dishes. You can also set the patterns for colored backdrops. This will end in blurring, but it gives some unique reflections and refractions with the output.

You can use anything to make photography more stunning like water droplets on flowers, fruits, vegetables, leaves and even on glasses.

Adjust your camera settings

Tripod near water

Understand the camera settings that give additional features for the water droplets photography. To ensure the water drops within the frame and focus you must use a Tripod that helps to fix the subject within the frame. set up the tripod so that your water drop will fall near to the middle of the frame and you get good reflection od the drops in the water surface. Don’t worry about the many facts just you fix the droplets within the frame this gives an amazing output.

Set your camera to the manual mode and then focus on the area where your water drops will be hitting the water surface – to check the focus dip your finger or dip any stick into the water to ensure the focus mode.

Before the shoot turns on your flash and darken your room and then choose the high shutter speed to get the field depth.

click In the correct timing

  • Timing is the essential fact in water drop photography but same time it is the hardest part too. Capturing the droplets at the correct sequence is a risky task but once you achieve this you can get tuned to take amazing shots of water droplets.
  • Try to capture the right sequence of droplets when it hits the water. Review your photo and adjust the timing accordingly in a spot.
  • You can also shot the multiple droplets by using the pipette and make a splash in the water surface.