Simple Tips For Smartphone Photography

Nowadays the usage of smart phones has increased among the people. Also, people started taking images using their smartphones more when comparing to the digital camera in the recent days. But simply having a camera with the highest megapixels isn’t enough, as you also need to know some basic tricks!

smart phone photography

Use different picture modes for different pictures:

In many smartphones, the preloaded camera app comes with many modes which you can choose according to the type of picture that you are trying to capture. For instance, portrait mode in the camera app lets you take a photo of a person or any object.

Use HDR Mode:

In some of the latest smartphones with flash, you will find the automatic mode of HDR. The HDR mode works when you are not able to see the original colors in the picture, that is when you are shooting against the light. When HDR is turned on your smartphone camera it takes 3-4 different pictures of a single object with different light shifts in all and finally, combine all these images to give you the final image having much better color quality than the original image.

smartphone photography

Tap on the object if you are taking a close-up:

From your smartphone, you can take the beautiful closeup shots of the flowers or other objects. To try this just tap on the screen to closely focus the object. By using this technique you will get the detailed beautiful image at the end.

Avoid using optical zoom:

In all the default Android camera apps, Optical zoom is available. Clicking on the volume button will automatically zoom the subject, but using this will give a blurry image at the end. Hence avoid using the default optical zoom in the camera app.

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