Tips For Photographing Kids


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Kids are always excited and jumpy so it may be hard to get them in one place and pose for the camera. Although these sweet adorable faces look so good in photos, it may take some special effort on the part of the photographer to perfect that photo shoot. Here are some tips for photographing kids to ensure the best moments are captured in the most memorable way;

  • Choose the perfect timing; the timing matters so much when it comes to photographing kids since kids are not so good at hiding their emotions and feelings. So if you take a photo when the child is tired and grumpy, then that is exactly the look you will get. Therefore choose a time when the child is well fed and has had enough rest. This is especially true when dealing with toddlers.
  • Squat down; the only way to take a photo that captures the world from a child’s perspective then you need to get your hands dirty on the job. If it means lying on your stomach or kneeling down, just do it and you will absolutely love the results. In fact, some photographers have noticed that by assuming such positions, you can get even the most stern kid smiling and giggling.
  • Get them talking; taking photographs of kids is not the same as taking shoots of adults you have to get them a bit engaged before the action part. So ask the kids aboTips For Photographing Kidsut their favorite dishes, hobbies and names of teachers at school. Do they like dancing? Well, get them moving. They will soon get lost in expressing themselves and you will have a chance to capture the most genuine expressions.
  • Get rid of distractions; distractions can take away quality shots from your subjects. These include toys, socks or buildings that may seem to be part of the child’s frame. With this point in mind, it is often advisable to remove your child from an environment where there are lots of visual distractions like a playground or TV which may tempt the kid to start crying since he/she wants to watch their favorite carton.

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