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Time Lapse Photography Tips

There is immense creativity, fun and innovation involved in Photography. Photographers keep racking their brains to exhibit something unique in their work. As a result, they came up with the technique of ‘Time-lapse’ photography. Though there are various videos portraying the time lapse effect but implementing the same in the domain of photography is pretty much easier.

Nowadays new camera models have inbuilt intervalometer or the feature of time-lapse video processing. Irrespective of whether your camera has the latest feature or not or even if you are performing a simple time lapse shoot, follow the foolproof 6 time-lapse photography tips for adding fun to your clicking.

  1. Fully Charged Battery

Though one may feel that this is an obvious thing. But at times obvious things are only taken for granted. Apart from charging camera battery carry extra ones too. Another alternative could be carrying a portable charger if your device supports USB charging. Apparently, time lapse should be for photography and not for charging in this case.

time lapse photograph

  1. Interval setting

Well this being one genuine technical question related to time-lapse photography. What should be the time lapse amidst different images that will be captured? The rule is that objects that are fast-moving like clouds, running horse, traffic should be set at short intervals (1 or 2 seconds). In contrast, slow-moving objects can be set at little large intervals (in minutes or hours) like in case of a flower bloom.

  1. Set Music before carrying out time-lapse

Don’t go for absolute silence. Appending music to time-lapse photos can make the entire set up worth appreciating. Select the music as per the action to get that perfect blend.

  1. Go for Manual mode

Flicker can be a troubling factor during time-lapse photography. If not attended, a great time-lapse shoot can go in vain. The best solution to this can be carrying out the shoot in manual mode. This keeps the exposure, speed, shutter same throughout thereby reducing any flicker. Only there should be no major alterations in the lighting.

  1. Lockdown focus

It very important that exposure and focus remain constant during time-lapse photography. To keep the focus same throughout the sequence. Initially, set your desired point of focus either manually or via autofocus option. Thereafter, switch over the lens/camera to manual focus. Day and night lighting have their own challenges. It’s more difficult to set focus at night.

tips for time lapse photography

  1. Use RAW format

For saving storage space you may mostly go in for jpeg format since there be numerous pics during time-lapse photography. Though this saves space lot of processing is done by the camera and many of the images are being discarded. If possible go in for a RAW format which gives a space for processing the images according to your taste.

Time-lapse photography requires a lot of patience and commitment. Be comfortable and at ease. Apart from your equipment, carry all the necessary stuff to protect you against all sorts of weather conditions.

By comprehending and applying the above techniques you can not only take your photography to a higher level but add an additional star to your portfolio too.