Food Photography

How To Find The Perfect Food Photography Studio In London

Nothing sells a magazine, website, or restaurant menu better than stunning photographic images of food. High-quality photos of mouth watering dishes are guaranteed to grab the reader’s attention.

Creating world-class food photography, is much easier when you are working in a professional food photography studio. It provides you with everything you need to take stunning photographs including a fully equipped kitchen, varied lighting options, different backdrops, and beautiful appliances.

Fortunately, accessing this type of location is simple as there are several excellent food photography Studios in London. Your main challenge will be deciding which studio to use.

To make this decision easier, here are some key considerations to keep in mind when choosing a food photography studio in London.

The Design Aesthetic Of The Kitchen

If you are shooting wide shots which include parts of the kitchen in the frame, you should consider the kitchen’s design aesthetic. If you are looking for a certain texture, colour, or mood in your photographs, you will need to choose a studio with the perfect kitchen.

The Lighting Options That Are Available

Having the right lighting is essential for capturing high-quality food photos. Ideally, the studio will have natural light available, as well as black out blinds and a range of photographic lights. Having lights available means you won’t have to bring your own lights to the shoot, saving time and money.

The Functionality Of The Kitchen

If you intend to cook food in the kitchen, you will need a studio with working appliances. Look for a studio with high-end hobs, ovens, refrigerators, food processors, and other appliances to obtain the best results.

Availability of Cutting Boards, Crockery, Glasses and Utensils

Although you might have a collection of serving plates, utensils, and other items that you wish to use in your photographs, having a few more options available never hurts. Some food photography studios will include cupboards full of props that can be used to make your food photos more interesting or unique.

Adaptability Of The Kitchen

The better food photography studios in London will have kitchens which have adaptable designs. They achieve this by having several cabinets on wheels, so you can model the kitchen in a way that you like the look of. This adaptability also makes it easier to position cabinets in a way that captures the available natural light in the best way possible.

The Location Of The Studio

The location of the studio may be a key consideration for many projects. Having a location which is in close proximity to several accommodation options may be useful if you or one of the project members is traveling to the studio.

Other aspects to consider when looking at the studio’s location include:

  • Availability of on-site parking
  • Proximity to supermarkets and farmer’s markets
  • Proximity to airports, the London Underground and other transport options

Other studio amenities

Think about the other amenities you may require at your photographic studio like toilets,  showers, seating, Internet access, free parking, and so on. Not all studios will have these basic amenities.

The Studio 1 Food Photography Studio

Studio 1 has created a world class food photography studio in London. This studio is purpose built for food photographers, food stylists, and anyone who requires a kitchen location for a photo shoot.

We enjoy making commercial food photography shoots simple for our clients. Our studio makes it easy to take high-quality food photos that are suitable for any purpose including restaurant menus, cookery books, Instagram food shots, advertisements, food packaging, general food retail photography, and so on.

Our food photography studio is equipped with everything you might need for a professional photoshoot, including:

  • A modern kitchen with world class appliances
  • Abundant natural light through huge windows (with blackout blinds)
  • A comprehensive range of photographic lights and lightning gels. This includes backlights, split lights, strobes, broad lights, and flat lights
  • Lighting stands and rigging
  • Several pieces of high-end furniture
  • Multiple wall surfaces (bricks, cement, painted, wood)

I hope you found this article informative. If you are looking for the perfect food photography studio in London, Contact 69 drops Studio on 020 7426 0736. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions on the studio or to organise a booking.