5 tips to take good pictures using Android phone

Taking a good picture using any device is not like a deal like rocket science. No branded device is needed to take good resemblances you can take great shots using android phone A overall governance according to observe is to edit assured so much the essential supply concerning light, lie it the sun then a light bulb, is at the back of you, shining about the concern regarding the photo. Try viewing the issue out of specific angles as much well; the light Fetch the facet on a person’s surface does end result of an at all one of a kind picture than the condition the lighting has come upon the turn of their face.

 Here are some handful of tips to help you with great pictures

  1. Cleanup the lens

Handling the mobile camera is an easy mission. While before taking the picture or setting the focus mode it’s a key point to wipe the covering glass of the camera, to capture perfect pictures. Dirt or some oil presence does give a perfect picture.

take pics using phone

  1. Don’t zoom

Don’t use a zooming lens often. It results in the breaking of pixels and results in blur impressions. If you want the closer shot then move close to the image and take the shot it gives the perfect image instead of pixelating the image

3. use best camera apps

pics using android phone In-play store the application for Android phones updating day today. For camera too many apps available.fix with your convenient app which sets for your Android version. By using apps different options are there for taking the images like background change, filters, night mode, portrait mode for better image select better apps and rock with your Android phone by taking cool pictures.

  1. Use the perfect light

Lighting comparison is the major concerning in the photograph. Photography is the art of lights. Using the perfect light gives you a perfect output. In some cases lights may cause damage to the good images, so only the professional photographs carry flashlight, reflectors with them while traveling for the light manipulation. If you are using your Android Mobile to shot the photos, you will find some difficulty in the darken area. In those cases you first discuss the outdoor areas access and do some effective research about the location like sunrise timing, sunset timing, weather research and then set the time to take photographs.

Off-course you can not do researches for candid clicks and random clicks, for some framesets like “slow motion of birds flying” “sudden appearance of   rainbows” and some scenery’s like sunset , raindrops etc. In that case you use some editing software’s and default light mode option to capture the great images.

  1. select a correct shooting mode

Capturing on right mode is not always possible with handy camera, so for that you can change the shooting mode after capturing the images. Android phone have lots of application for filters and mode change particularly for camera device. Also, check with the brands and go for that while buying the android device.