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What to consider when renting a photography studio in London

There are many studios in London, with different cost structures and services. In this article we aim to conclude on the main things to consider when you’re looking to rent a photography studio in London.

Your needs for a studio

The main thing to consider is your own needs for the studio hire. Are you a beginner and looking to do the first shoot in a studio? Don’t put too much pressure on yourself by going to a very expensive studio in Central London.

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Similarly, if you’re an experienced professional and need to do a relatively simple shoot for a client that requires a studio – you probably want to take a deep look into the costs structure to find any hidden costs that will decrease your margins. The location is also likely to be of importance in this instance.

Another thing to consider for technically experienced photographers is the size of the studio. The bigger the size, the more spaces and options you will have to dig deeper into creativity.

Unexpected costs

As mentioned, this is big one for most studios and nearly everyone in this world wants to up-sell you something.

Make sure to understand what’s included in the studio hire time – equipment, backdrop paper, parking and many more things might be available for extra costs.

Generally, the rates at which studios will go at varies. Check the length of time the prices are quoted for, time of the day and also what are the overtime costs.


It’s not just the location that you need to consider when hiring a photography studio in London, also consider the opening hours of the studio and what are the surroundings.

You might not want to take an evening shoot just to find out there’s a club near by with loud music playing or find yourself taking an Uber as the station is too far to carry your own equipment.

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Be decisive

These things are just guidelines and it’s important to be decisive. Once you start shooting in studios, you will find yourself going to the same studios over and over without the need to make this comparisons and decisions anymore.