product photography

What is Product Photography?

Most of the products own their trust based on the visual presence and its brand trust will increase only by the photography of the product. Only high-quality photography will reach to customers.

Product photography needs some set of tools to take the high quality of images.  If you showcase your product image nicely in the market, then no need to worry about selling and buying. It will automatically reach your customers. The only step is to hire professional product photographers for taking the image of your products.

Product Photography Tips product photography tips

If you have this set of tools, then you can easily master your product photography

  1. A camera

A normal budget camera is enough to take awesome pictures. Any camera with normal quality is a better suggestion to take product photography. Here you must take shots in manual mode.

  1. Tripod

For the sharp focus, a tripod is a necessary tool.

  1. Plain and white background screen

To avoid the shadows and to take photography with the bright background a whiteboard or screen will help.

  1. Table

Table to place the products

  1. Room

Room is another essential one for product photography, having a room with natural light is advisable one. For a better way avoid artificial light set up and choose a room with the big window close to the wall creates images brighter and it avoids some shadows.

How to set up your Product to take Photography

1.Set up your table first

Once you gather all your essential tools for photography then set you are shooting place for the product shoot. Place the table close to the open window for the direct flow of sunlight.

Switch off the other light source that will create some unusual shadows.

If you feel direct sunlight will affect the photography, then you can slightly rotate your table adjacent to the window just to get the light source and it will avoid the direct hitting of sunlight on the product.

  1. set up your camera

After setting the table now set your camera settings, change the white balance mode to auto white balance mode.

Turn off your flashlights and set your image quality to the raw setting. So, you can edit the image in the future with some editing software. tips for product photography

Set your ISO value as the lowest one, so the higher ISO value may create more noise.

  1. Place your product in the middle of your table

After the camera setting, you should take your time and place the product in the correct position.

You can imagine placing the product is an easy task, but it takes more time to place the product in the perfect position. Even the tiny change will affect the quality of the image. Try to place the product in the middle of your table that gives a better visual effect.

4.set up the reflector

The reflector is just like a simple white card; it will act as the light modifier in the shooting. The light will get bounce if you place this card and it will fill all the shadows. Placing the reflector card at the correct position is matters.

  1. Take a shot

Before clicking the shutter, the button takes time and check the position and alignment of the subjects and check the light effects. Slowly release the shutter button and capture the image. For better clearance upload the image to your computer and check the clarity and if any editing requires you can do with advanced editing software. Keep in mind more editing will spoil the originality of the image. So do some slight changes and make your image look better.

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