portrait photography

About Portrait Photography

Photography is an art which gives an unique and vibrant view of the subjects that you capture. A good professional photographer captures the subjects in a creative manner to bring the best end result. In Photography, each angle and pose will have a great impact on the end result.


Portrait Photography:
Portrait photography is the portraiture of a person or face of an object that is being captured. Portrait Photography aims to highlight the mood, expression and the personality of the subject. Normally the photos are taken lengthwise to make sure that the focus is more on the subject.

Role Of Lighting in Portrait Photography:
When it comes to photography, lighting plays a vital role. In portrait photography, the main focus is on the face of the object, lighting is setup in a way that the light falls (focused) on the face of the subject. There are different types of lighting like three-point lighting, natural lighting, window lighting, outdoor lighting, ambient lighting, interior lighting & studio lighting. You can utilise the different lighting setup based on your subject.

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Types Of Portrait:
Portrait photography itself is divided into many types like Traditional portrait, Candid portrait, Environmental portrait, Glamour portrait, Lifestyle portrait, Surreal portrait, Conceptual portrait, Abstract portrait and many more. Hence, we can say Portrait is a specific type of photography in which the focus is kept on the subject being Photographed.

As a beginner, you can start with the basics of capturing the subjects around you, with the natural lighting and later you can try artificial lighting techniques.