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Smart Photoshop Tricks That Will Speed Up Your Photo Editing

Photoshop is the most common software used by all the professional photographers to do the post-production works. Even some photographers move to some advanced software like Lightroom, etc. But by default Photoshop remains the basis for many photographers. Here let’s see some smart photoshop tricks which every professional should be aware of.

Fade Effect:

Photoshop Tricks That Will Speed Up Your Photo Editing

Though this is a very familiar word that everybody could be aware of, it is not much used in the photoshop by many people. This is the most fantastic feature which exists in Photoshop over a period of time. By default this option will not be visible, you can able to use this only when you apply a filter to your photo.

Multi-document Layer Dragging:

When there is a situation to apply the same kind of edits to multiple images, you can use this option. Literally, if you need to apply the same kind of adjustments to all of the images you can just do it with multi-document layer dragging. This will save a lot of time.

Managing Presets:

Smart Photoshop Tricks That Will Speed Up Your Photo Editing

As a professional photographer, you will be aware of all the presets that are available in the Photoshop. To see a list of items like brushes, styles, gradients, etc. you can just click on Edit -> Presets -> Preset Manager. You can modify the presets based on your working style and can back them up.

Photoshop Reset:

You may face some issues in the photoshop if you’re using it for a long time. In some cases, you may not know how to fix it.  So you can simply reset the Photoshop to make it work normally. If you want to reset, just press Shift + Alt + Ctrl while launching the Photoshop. A small window will prompt which allows you to delete the old files, Just click “YES” and proceed with it. Note that this will delete all your preferences and the settings of your application.


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