Photojournalism Vs. Documentary Photography

Photojournalism Vs. Documentary Photography

What is Photojournalism?

Photojournalism is a type of journalism in which the photos are used to illustrate any incident or events. In the past, photojournalist will capture the images in a fashion that it is capable of making the viewers understand about the particular incident or an accident. As a photojournalist, capturing the images in a perfect manner is not a simple task, it requires lots of patience and experience to handle the situation in a best possible way. Photojournalists will capture the images in a manner to contribute to the news channels, media or other communities.

what is Photojournalism

What is Documentary Photography?

The documentary photography usually refers to a form of photography which is used to represent events or surrounding environments which is more relevant to the history or the historical events. Also, this kind of photography includes the day to day life events as well. Moreover, it is related to the professional journalism. Documentary photos are usually filed and kept for the future reference.

Photojournalism Vs. Documentary Photography:
What is Documentary Photography
Photojournalism images are just focussed on the short term audience involvement, whereas as the name suggests, documentary photography images are stored for the long-term study. The photojournalism images are just published in the newspapers, TV Channels, etc. hence these are used only in short term. Whereas the documentary images are filed and stored for the future usage. These images literally tell the history or the past. Closely the Photojournalism and the Documentary photography are interrelated, But the only difference is that in the way they are used.
Being a photojournalist is not a simple task. It requires lots of patience and experience to handle the tough situations. Mostly, photojournalists will not have the comfortable position to capture the scenes, they will have to make use of the worst situations in the best possible way to capture the pictures.
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