Photography Lighting Facts You Should Know

Important Photography Lighting Facts That You Should Know

Lighting is the important thing when it comes to photography. The perfect usage of lighting will decide the quality of the end results. Here let’s see the various lighting techniques to capture the best photos.

# when the light source is broader, then the light will be softer. But when the light is narrow, then the light will be hard. Thus based on the requirement you may make the light source harder or softer to take Photos.

Photography Lighting Facts You Should know to capture best pictures

# In the same way, the distance between the camera and the light also matters a lot. When the light source is nearer, then the light will be soft and if it is far away, then it will look hard enough.

# Usage of the diffusers will scatter the light and make it broader. When you are trying to capture the subject with the light background or if you try to capture the subject with bright effect on it, you can use the diffuser to do it.

# When you just need a dim effect on the subject, keep the light source far away as possible. The farther the light is, less the effect it will have on the subject.

Photography Lighting Facts

# You can try capturing the image with the light outline on the subject. This can be done by keeping the light source right behind the subject and capturing the picture. Thr light behind the subject will create the outline effect on the subject.

# Also, you can try capturing the shadows of the subject alone. This can be done by keeping the light source behind the subject in a way which can be focused by the camera.

Thus by using these different types of lighting techniques, you can capture the image in many different ways. The end quality of the pictures mainly depends on how the lighting is effectively used.

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