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Different Types Of Photography Backdrops

Backdrops are the screen like materials which are used behind the subject to capture them in the best possible way. Photography Backdrops are available in many types of materials like Canvas, Muslin, Seamless Paper, Fantasy Cloth, Vinyl, Chroma Key, Velvet, Velour, and many more. Based on the subject and the shooting place, the nature of the backdrops may differ.


Types of Backdrops and its usage:

Canvas backdrops are used for Professional studio portraits, low key shooting. The canvas backdrops are costlier. Muslin backdrops are used for Off-site shooting, casual portraits, low key shooting, its cost depends on the size and the material. Seamless Paper backdrops are used for Fashion photography, high key shooting. Also, it is the light weighted material which is easy to handle. Vinyl Backdrops are used for High key shooting, mock walls, and floors. Fantasy Cloth, Velour, Velvet are used for Artistic effects, creative lighting, etc. Thus based on the usage, the material of the backdrop may differ.

Digital backdrops are more familiar nowadays, by using the digital backdrops you can customize the display based on your interest. The digital backdrops are used in events like parties, corporate meetings, etc. The main advantages of using the digital backdrops are that they are portable and also the patterns in the display are customizable as well.

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The professional portrait photographers rely on good backdrops to highlight their subjects in depth. A good backdrop should provide the correct amount of reflectivity which remains as the key photo for the photo shoots and also it should be capable to reduce glare as well. By learning about the different properties of canvas, muslin, and other common materials used for backdrops, Photographers can decide on the most useful backdrop for any given situation.