How to Take Party Photos

How to Take Party Photos

With more and more holidays and weekends knocking at the door, the implicit dangers of taking casual
s is live especially when you are hosting a party or are a party guest. Party photos should be memorable. Therefore, if you really want to take interesting photos at your party event, then you may need to borrow a few tips on how to take better Party photos.

How to Take Party Photos:

  • Do Party Angle Photography:

    With the busy nature of parties, many people find themselves committing the mistake of taking straight photos that have minimal, to no depth in them. If you have ever done it before or have at least been tempted, then there are ways to avoid it. One way you can do this is by shooting your target audience while facing slightly at an angle that is away from them.  Shooting a subject directly in most cases results in photos that lack: dynamism, depth and composition. Alternative shots include: High, middle or low shots.

  • Add Some Props to It:

    Sometimes a stale party photo can be brought to life adding additional props. Props like sun glasses, hats, pieces of art, unique costumes among others can be added to make the subject more appealing.  This idea can work well especially if you are having a Halloween party.

  • Do Exclusive Portrait Photos:

    Not many people have portraits of parties they attended. Why not take the chance and pick on a unique subject to shoot. Once you select your subject guest, you can take them aside and do a quick photo shoot. You can also make sure they are comfortable while taking the shoot as any excitement or despair shown by the subject will be displayed in the final photo. Uniqueness of the subject should also dictate your final pick.

  • Quick Snap shots:

    As the cameraperson, getting the unique shots in a party can be tricky as most people tend to quickly change their behaviour and conduct at the slight sight of a camera Taking quick candid shots can therefore be a sure way of capturing unique party moments. That is because these shots capture their subjects when they are relaxed and least aware of their surroundings. How to Take Party Photos

  • Camera Settings:

    Since it is a party, it is advisable to: use stabilization button to stabilize your camera, switch on the flash to provide enough light to capture the subject, use wide angle or telephoto lens camera just to mention a few.


Getting proper shots of your party event can provide a good life reference to look back to.  This may require you to hire an experienced photographer.

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