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How to take long exposure photography

Long exposure photography is one of night photography that makes the effects even more stunning and ethereal with a high quality of resolution.

The main thing you needed to take long exposure is the DSLR camera along with the tripod. most of the long exposure shots are taken in nights with the wide-angle lens. Because to get the sharpen images. choose an aperture length between f/12-f/32 and set your camera to manual mode along with the shutter speed, to get sharpen elements.

you capturing the long exposure mostly at night times, the captured image will be full of lights oppose to the black sky, so the light beam fall on the frame will sharpen the subject.use timer and auto setting for the shutter to avoid shaken and jiggling of camera.

colorful lights in night time

Mostly at the night time the lengthy exposures are produced beautifully on the light trails created through the light emitted from the starts and by the earth rotation. The satisfactory manner is to border the photo with the element of the vintaged tree inside the frame. place your digital camera on a tripod and recognition the lens to infinity. If you apply a cable release to take away digital camera shake of any kind because it will ruin your photo.

To get the optimal results set your camera to”B” shooting mode and your aperture between f/2.6 to f/4. to keep the digital noise at a minimum you should fix the ISO to 100 and depress the shutter speed. To complete the photography at the desired time set the light trials and get the exposures for the lights for at least 15 minutes from the total hours. use the tripod and keep your camera in a position to achieve the greater depth and focus the image to be captured. for the long exposure, more lines will appear from the long focus of the subjects.

The main settings and recommended equipment

Follow the basic settings you used for the night photography, place your camera on the tripod and use a wide-angle along with the aperture and focus. for the long exposure slow your shutter speed to capture the exact image of what you imagined and tried to focus. Moon light in the street

If you worried about the blurring of images use the self-timer and auto mode to shot the long exposure image and don’t use flashlights that will affect the original quality of the real image.

The main thing to be considered on the long exposure photography is to capture the shadows and highlights in a correct sequence. The main thing to be considered on the long exposure photography is to capture the shadows and highlights in a correct sequence. once you managed to take the perfect shadows then you can master the long exposure photography well. The key factor of long exposures is to keep the shutter speed in the limit to obtain the desired depth effect.

To capture the long exposures all you need is the right camera with the tripods, you can capture the stunning images with this.


The long exposure images at night can be captured perfectly with the practice and by learning to recognize the lighting conditions and the shadows emits at night while capturing the subjects and how to adjust the camera to meet those conditions.