water drops in motion

How To Capture The Motion Pictures With-Out Blur

The most and best memorable moments are in the motion type, like your kid dancing, your pet’s first reaction, hanging dolls, swimming and so on. You should learn how to capture or freeze that moment with your camera.

Unfortunately, some moving subjects captured on the camera will be results in blurring images.

Here we gathered some tricks from the professional photographers and summarized them for your use.

Freezing the Motion

taking the motion picture is like freezing the moment if you take the shot of water drops before it has fallen into the surface you should increase the shutter speed of 1/150 per second. check the output image, if not satisfied you can increase the fraction. champion in the running

Higher Shutter Speed

Usually while capturing the motion pictures you should increase the shutter speed to get the quality images without any blur in the output. For example, if you are capturing the player in the football ground, the ball on a pass, you should use the fast shutter speed to the range of 1/500 per second or higher to get the blur-free images.

Also, keep in remember the higher shutter speed may limit the amount of light emission and probability are there to get the darkness in the output. For the outdoor shoots, this not is a problem, but for indoors, you should use a proper flash by increasing the aperture.

Increasing the Aperture

From the aperture, only the whole light comes to your camera. In some motion capturing some subjects will be out of coverage area due to the low focus. So, by increasing the aperture speed you can focus every subject in the field. A high aperture helps you to focus the entire subject with the background, but the lower speed may make the background to be out of focus

Using A Flash

Using a flash for your motion shots is a greater approach while you are using faster shutter speed. It helps to prevent the darkness. keep in mind to use a flash few feet away from the subject to eliminate the distractions. person perform diving

Don’t shake your camera

you have the imagination about the images you have taken will be the greater one, unfortunately, if you saw the blurred images or low-quality images your mind will get tensed at that moment. to avoid this situation you should be practiced taking an image without shaking your camera. At starting to use a tripod and practice continues to take the good quality of images without the hand-shaken.

Take a practice on moving cars in traffic and at playing grounds to capture the good shots of players and balls moves in football matches. capturing a motion picture is also like candid photography, timing matters.


panning is another feature to capture the images while in movement. Panning helps to sharpen the blurred background. It is like capturing the images in a movement. so the motion picture is captured by the photographer who is also in motion. This will helps in car racing photography and also in the wild like photography.




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