How To Be The Best Wedding Photographer

Being chosen or picked to be a wedding photographer can be both a responsibility and an honor. It’s a responsibility because you’ve been entrusted with the vital role of capturing the best, most magical moments of the day for future reference. Similarly, it is an honor because it means the wedding planners have confidence in you and rank you highest among all the other photographers around. The last thing you want to do is to disappoint the wedding couple by not doing a great job. Being the best wedding photographer will not just please the couple and everyone else present; it is also about bettering your chances of getting positive referrals in future.

Without much ado, below are some 5 quick tips to help you become the best wedding photographer;

  1. Do your homeworka good wedding photographer is keen on details and will seek to find out as much as possible about how the wedding will be. Will it be a beach wedding? Does the couple plan to pull some extraordinary or spectacular acts like cultural dances or such? What time will the couple leave the cathedral to head for a reception? Who’ll be included in the family photos? Such details are the first step towards helping you form a mental picture.
  2. Planning

    with the above information at your fingertips, you can now start planning. Make sure that your camera is fully charged, take reserve batteries if need be. Also, carry different lenses and sufficient storage space for the photos.

  3. Random shots

    the best wedding photographers arrive at the wedding venue earliest. As everyone arrives, they take random shots. Get random shots of the venue being decorated, bride arriving, as the groom’s parents head to the dais, and so on so forth.

  4. Be very fast

    you’ll also need to take very many shots within a short duration. Don’t just wait to take a shot as the groom slides the ring on the bride’s finger; rather, you should take numerous shots from the moment he starts lifting his hand, as he fumbles to hold the bride’s finger, slide the ring, all the way to the end. That’s the secret to capturing that very magical moment.

  5. Camera in silent mode

    last but not least, always ensure that your camera is in silent mode. The noises and sounds as you capture shots always distract guests. Actually, most pros will tell you that you should even avoid flash photography during the daytime unless it is very necessary (like in a poorly lit hall or venue.)