Tips for food photography

Things to consider in Food Photography

Are you always looking to capture your favourite food? Then you are in the right place. Food photography is a blend between colours and arrangements. You can make eye-catching and mouth-watering photography of food by practising. You can then start your own food blog, you can write recipes books, Instagram stories, and lots more.

Some of the interesting facts in food photography you must consider

Get a decent camera

The first thing for food photography is a quality camera that might be a mobile camera or DSLR. You can use either to understand the basic style of food photography. The way of taking the shots is the same, so the devices don’t matter. Mobile Phones cameras are nowadays of such good quality that you won’t need to invest in a DSLR unless you are printing big or shooting professionally.

Food photography

Create quality Images

For taking the quality images shutter speed, ISO value, and aperture are the basic elements that help to boost up the quality and brightness of your photography.

Shutter speed

Lower the shutter speed in the situation you want low light or in the dark space. Because the shutter is opened for a long time will blur the image or some shakes will come that results in the very low quality of the image. To avoid this situation, you can use a tripod.


Aperture is the width that comes while opening your lens. Even aperture also makes more light that results in the blurring of image or background. This makes the user get to focus on the image to sharpen the focus point to lower the blur effects. In case if you want more focus, you can change the width of the lens.


ISO value refers to the light sensitivity, you must adjust the ISO after the shutter speed and aperture, sometimes having the high ISO will affect the quality of your photography, also creating noisy and blur images.

Food Photography Tips

Lights in the food photography

The best way of lighting is to use natural light. So before buying any professional lights for your photography or camera, learn to shoot with the natural lights that make more sense.

Taking photography with the natural light is the great trick, see some of the scenarios of natural lightings

  1. Taking the photography on the kitchen while cooking gives the golden yellowish image as output
  2. Taking photography of coffee cup near to the window side. The light comes from the window adds more sense to your photography
  3. Taking the shots at candlelight dinner. The lights emit from the candle makes the entire table as softening the glow
  4. Outdoor kitchen- Taking shots in the outdoor kitchen gets light from the sunlight that creates more brightness to your photography.

Find the perfect way of light source to your subject and make the photography more presentable

Tips for Food Photography

Some suggestions for beginner

  1. Try to take an image of food along with the human gives a more natural look
  2. Capture the food recipes along with the background of the wooden surface
  3. Taking food along with the bowl and plates adds more bonus value.
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