pair of apples for photography subject

Creative ways to Capture the Fruits by your camera

If you want to take the fruits by your camera and make your photography look more natural and yummier. In this article, you can get the knowledge of how to select the proper fruit as your subject and what are the photography equipment you needed to capture the fruits and what are the lightings applicable with the selected fruit subjects and also, in addition, gave some useful tips and creative photography ideas to capture the desired fruits.

Fruits photography is also similar to food photography the main factor is to take a shot as much as live one to attract the viewers. Capture the eye-catching photography with the following fruits

bowl full of cherries for fruit photography

List Fruits that Gives shine and attractive Looks

  1. Dozen of Apple
  2. Bunch of Grapes
  3. Half-cut Orange
  4. Diced Watermelon
  5. A bowl of  red cherries
  6. Fresh pineapple slices

5 Tips for Fruit Photography

Fruit photography is the special genre in the food photography, which is used for commercial purposes like advisements, for product showcase and for various juice drinks, and makes users or buyers identify the flavor of fruit drink with the cover picture itself.

1.concentrate More on Fruit Appearance

Always choose fresh and perfect fruit as a subject for your photography, you may edit your fruit phots with the editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or some inbuilt editing tools, but the natural look will be lost.

2. Arrange in a proper Order

half sliced fruits for photography

Arrange the fruits in a specific order for an attractive look. If there is a different variety of fruits give space for all the categories and try to cover all the fruits without skipping. Arrangements are the main factor considered in food photography to make your food in a presentable look.

3.Adjust your camera Manual settings

Once the subjects are arranged in a neat manner, place the camera on the tripod and select the aperture value as a smaller one and focus the depth from the fore to back. You can use the slow shutter speed and less ISO value. The high ISO value may create more noise for the subjects.

4. Try with different composition

fruit photography tips

While trying the composing of fruits, try to avoid placing the subject at the center of the frame or focus. Composition and lightings are the main things when it comes to food photography. While sharing your fruit photography in social media with stories, you have to follow the interesting facts to getting more follower lists and traffic. We recommend checking the article “Food photography tips for social media” to gear you fruit photography styling.

5.choose perfect Background

For the background you can use anything by your wish, the main thing is not to use the background as too colorful and bright, this will distract the people from viewing the photography. Solid substance, Blurred background, Plain walls are the perfect backgrounds for Fruit photography which displays your subjects with more attraction.