Common Photography Terms Which Beginners Should Be Aware Of

Photography is the profession in which you should know about some popular terms to become an expert. Here let’s see some important factors in the Photography field.


The aperture is the setting the photographic lens which can be adjusted to control the amount of light reaching the film or image sensor. In combination with variation of shutter speed, the aperture size will regulate the film’s or image sensor’s degree of exposure to light. A wide aperture such as f/4 or f/2.8 will create a shallow depth of field. That is, In this aperture, the areas before and beyond the point of focus that also appear sharp will be very small.

Camera Aperture

Shutter Speed:

Shutter speed or the exposure time is the length of the time when the film or digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light. Also, The amount of light that reaches the film or image sensor is proportional to the exposure time. In two ways, you can adjust the shutter speed, one is “Aperture Priority” mode and the other is “Shutter Priority” mode. In the shutter priority mode, you will manually set the shutter speed and the camera will automatically select the aperture.

Shutter Speed


When it comes to the digital photography, ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. The same principle applies in the case of film photography also, the lower the number the less sensitive your camera is to light and the finer the grain. Also, the higher ISO settings are generally used in darker situations to get faster shutter speeds. If you’re utilizing a tripod, use the lowest ISO setting possible. Using a flash can help keep the ISO low and your photos noise-free.

These are the common photography settings that a professional photographer should be aware of to get the best end result. As a professional photographer, you should have the knowledge in adjusting the iso, aperture, and shutter speed based on the outside environmental conditions.