Photography Studio – Choosing Your Perfect Backdrop

Backdrops are the large piece of cloth which is used as a background of the subject which is being photographed. It’s not just about colour, there are several other factors which rely on choosing the best backdrop.

As a photographer, you have the many choices on choosing the backdrops like,

• Variety of colors to choose
• Different types of materials to choose from
• Based on different sizes
• Ordinary or digital backdrops
• Transportable or fixed

photography backdrops

What color do you choose for your photo backdrops?

While choosing the backdrops, you should choose the colors in the way that it should absorb the light. Black velvet is the best backdrop for all types of portraits and also the macro photographs.

What material are the studio backdrops made from?

There are two basic choices that the photography backdrops are made from, they are

• Paper Photobackdrops
• Material Photobackdrops

Paper Photobackdrops is the one which you can buy in sheets of various sizes or you can buy them in massive rolls. When it comes to the material photo backdrops, there are different types of materials to choose from like heavy to light or from thick to thin, etc.

photo backdrops

What size of photo backdrop do you need?

The size of the backdrop may differ based on the subjects. If your subject is a flower then small sheet of backdrop is enough, whereas if you are trying to shoot a portrait of a person, then large sized backdrop will be needed.

Are Digital Backdrops a better solution?

Digital backdrops can be used when you need to represent some information in the background like sponsors, brand promoters and so on.

Transportable maybe?

The main advantage of using the transportable backdrop is that it can be transported anywhere and can be used anywhere. If you’re using backdrops only in the studio, then you can go with the standard one which is not transportable.

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