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How to Master your art of photography?

Everyone has some significance to improve their photography skills to prove themselves as a better photographer. Someone struggling to prove their skills due to the lack of experience and confidence. Mastering photography needs more skill and you must make a better portfolio with the images you are captured. This helps you to get hired. Once they increased their skill and understand the vision of art then they will master the photography to the next level.

Photography Arts for the better experience

  1. Capture the water Drops

Water droplets are the greater shots and it is the basic art of photography. Everyone can shoot water drops if they have a normal camera with them. Timing and shutter speed matters. Take any water can or bottle having water and let the drops fall on the floor or any substances, then capture the droplets. Here you must concentrate on the shutter speed, to get the splash at the right time. If you missed releasing your shutter speed at the right time of water drops, then you must repeat the same process until you get the right image.

arts in Photography

Example: capturing the waterdrops on leaves or any materials

  1. Capture the Refractive

Light passes on the water makes some refractive effect that causes changes to your photographic subject.  Take some glasses and place the subject in front of the glasses and now let the glass to fill some water. Now start capturing the subject by moving the glass forward or in a backward motion. The light transfer through the water makes the object change its appearance. This results in refraction.

Example: capturing the glasses with after by placing some objects in the background

  1. Shoot in your kitchen

Your kitchen is the major source location for taking lots of good shots. Here you can get lots of interesting natural subjects like food ingredients, fresh fruits, and vegetables, and even an empty bowl makes some sense of photography. The only impact is the way you are capturing those subjects. Even food photography has a specific growth in photography trends.

arts of photography

Example: Taking a shot of bowl having soup with mint toppings

  1. Light ways

The light emits from any source are the better subject for your photography. Capturing the light that spinning from the dark place gives a better output. You can use this image for screen savers.

Example: capturing the light emits from the candle in the absence of light source

  1. Mobile- reflection

Capturing the subject with mobile refection is the one kind of trick in the art of photography. Place your mobile phone at the edge of the camera lens and start focusing on the subject. The thing you are focusing on the lens will get reflects on the mobile device and it appears as the lower part of the image. Adjust your mobile and get a clear focus and capture the perfect photography.

Example: Taking a picture of a cat sitting on the wall along with the reflection of the same subject as the lower image.

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