Art of Cropping In Photography

As a professional photographer, you should know the ways of making the photos better in the post-production works. Equal importance should be given to the post-production works as well in the photography.

When it comes to post-production you will definitely undergo a process called cropping. This mostly depends on the photographer, some may capture the images in the right ration and may skip this step in the post-production works.

photography tips to crop a photo

Mostly the cropping size depends on the printing size of the image. By default, Photoshop and the other applications give you automatic options to crop it in some definite size. Even you can modify the cropping size manually based on your need.

To get the best out of the picture, always try to crop in the default options that are available, as it will help you to get the best outcome. But depending upon the size of the frame that you are going to use, you can go for manual cropping.

Try to enhance the image while cropping by slight rotation, this will add value to the image and will give a professional look to the photo. The slightly rotated image will always give the better look than the straight images.

tips to crop the photos

Say if you are going to use the image in online like Facebook or Twitter, Then you can crop the image based on the platform in which you are going to use. You need to edit the image in different resolutions for using it in different places on social medias, Hence always start the post-production works by knowing where you are going to use it.

As all the images are not taken in the perfect angle, Being a professional photographer,  these are some of the smart tips to crop the photos and use it in the best way.

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