portable photo studio

About Portable Photo Studio

Have a brilliant photo anywhere you go with a portable photo studio. It gives you studio effect, you no need to have a photo studio for a professional photographer. Portable photo studio features integrated with LED lights provides you to capture high-quality images with your camera/smartphone. This is most welcomed by many professionals, who couldn’t afford for a photo studio. It also saves time, money and place with its convenient portability and quick set-up.

photo studio

Optimized Lighting

Two types of lighting covered with mail light and contrast light. By keeping photo studio lighting effects in the mind this portable photo studio was built. Main light present in the top of the box fills the bottom and side of the box. This contrast light doing a very good role in filling boundaries with its bounced fill process.

Each light is daylight balanced at 5600K with high CRI (Color Rendering Index), high output LEDs, for producing good contrast, the consistent color gives you best high-quality photography.

The background material is covered with a bright white, durable coating with zero-texture. This lighting effects can be modifiable according to the situations. This lights will not get heat even it glows for a long time. The front flap has 3 doors to adjust the image angle and the top hole will use to monitor/imaging from the top angle. Settings of ISO200; S250; WB Auto is the best settings to capture a photo in the smartphone.

Convenient And Durable Design

This is more convenient to transport and there no setup time for this portable photo studio you can open it and start imaging less than a minute. You can able to store it anywhere in your house, also in the travel, it won’t be a piece of heavy luggage for you. It can be crimped into the small thin material(25 inches). For travelers, it will be very useful, They can carry it with you using the shoulder strap or handle. This is entirely designed with fabric which could stay for a long time. It is advisable to keep tripod for a shaking hand to capture a perfect one. Even everyone could make practice using a tripod which will give you additional angles.

Portable Flashlight

As everyone knows for a photo studio flashlight is more important. So it a portable flashlight it can be more durable to transport. Additional lights give you high quality and blue ribbon photos. Setting up a flashlight with a lightweight stand. You can fix an umbrella light which will reduce the glare in the photos.

portable photography studio

While the umbrella is fixed light will travel in the straight focused line, so that reflection of the light may damage photo.

Knowing about the composition of the photography is very important. When your composition Improves the quality of photos will be good. The composition is all your individual creativity idea all gets together to form a single image, It always creates magic in your image. When you good at composition then every photo you take gives you more confidence and new ideas.