8 Reasons To Use A Photography Studio For Your Next Project

When organising a photo shoot, the first question that crosses a photographer’s mind is usually Where should the shoot take place? There are many potential locations for a photo shoot including the client’s home, in front of local landmarks, near picturesque natural locations, or at a photographic studio.

There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with each location. In this post, I’ll share some of the benefits of using photography studio hire in London. This will help you understand if the costs associated with hiring a studio are worthwhile.

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Benefits Of Hiring A London Photography Studio

#1 – Less Variability

The main benefit of working in a studio is that you have complete control over your environment. You can change the lighting setup, use props, add new backgrounds, fix coloured lighting gels in place, and much more.

This is very different to shooting outdoors, where you are at the mercy of the weather. When you are outside, a windy, rainy, or cloudy day can completely ruin your shot. There may also be members of the public getting in the way of your shots or various annoying distractions which affect the performance of your models.

#2 – Complete Control Over Lighting

Most photography studios will have a wide range of professional quality lights available. This gives you complete control over the shape the quality of light used in your photographs. Your images will be incredibly sharp and well-detailed thanks to the high-end lights at your fingertips.

#3 – No Interruptions

When you hire a London photography studio, you will have complete control over who is allowed in the space. This gives you, your models, and your clients complete privacy. Without interruptions or distractions, you will be able to get more work done and end up with higher quality images.

#4 – Client Comfort

One of the key benefits of photography studio hire in London is that you gain access to a very comfortable space. Most studios have air conditioning, high-end furniture, entertainment options (television, music), and facilities for making coffee and tea. This means your clients will be able to make themselves comfortable during the shoot, which makes it more likely they will use your services again in the future.

#5 – Opportunities To Network

One unexpected benefit of photography studio hire in London is that you may have the opportunity to network. Most photographic studios are busy places, with many photographers, videographers, producers, editors, models, business owners, and makeup artists on the premises. You will have many opportunities to strike up a conversation, which could lead to a new gig or a partnership with other industry professionals.

#6 – Save Time

When you walk into a professional photography studio, many of the items you need to get to work will already be in place. The light stands will already be setup, you’ll have several paper roll backdrops ready to use, and there will be props available. Many studios will also have fully stocked kitchens, multiple wall surfaces (bricks, timber, cement), outfits, high-end furniture, and lamps available. You won’t need to waste precious time loading and unloading additional equipment.

#7 – Useful Ammenities

Professional photography studios have useful ammenities including toilets, showers, kitchenettes, couches, entertainment options, comfortable seating and so on. These ammenities make your photographic shoot much more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone involved.  

#8 – Motivation To Work Efficiently

When you pay for photography studio hire, you are guaranteed make the most of your time because even minute costs you money. You are much more likely to be organised, on time and ready to work. This can be useful if you sometimes struggle with motivation.

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