There are many images that are uploaded across social media platforms on a day to day basis and as a result the images are reaching a wider range of people across the world. Therefore, people are now putting a lot of time and effort when taking photos. To ensure their photos are of a good standard. Here are three photography tips to consider before you post an image online to ensure you have social media success:

  1. Lighting

When taking a photo, the lighting is an extremely crucial factor, as it will bring a great overall look to your image. This has the potential to attract more individuals to also want to view your social media pages over someone who has very dark images, which may be perceived as being less inviting.

The best way to get good lighting doesn’t necessarily come from being directly in a light environment such as going outside and taking a photo on a sunny day. The aim is to capture the most lighting regardless of where you are located. This can be done using ‘white balance’, and matching it to your current setting for the best results. Also, changing your ISO settings to a higher amount on your camera can help you to capture better lighting.


  1. Framing and Composition

The rule of thirds is a common term for photographers, this refers to the aligning of guidelines and intersection points. Most images are rectangle and therefore when considering where to place the subject, the rule of three encourages a divide in the position of the subject i.e. left of the right or left third of the image. This is regarded as good composition.

This rule is useful on social media platforms also, as for example the format of cover images on Facebook are long and rectangular and therefore if you wanted to update your cover photo, this is something you would need to take into consideration. However, when uploading a profile picture this rule will not work as it is a square shape.


  1. Camera Angles

Smartphones and camera lenses are made with domed and curved glass. Therefore, the change in orientation of the camera can alter the style of the shot and bring a creative element. This will therefore give you useful content for your social media channels.