1. Coordinate, do not match.

When styling for a photo session start with basic colours and then get creative. It would be good to have one individual to have patterns on their clothing that will complement the rest of the groups clothing or accessories. This look can be created through using bright and neutral colours or soft colours with different tones of the same shade.

It is often easier to find a bold patterned item of clothing in girls and women’s clothing. Therefore, it may be easier to pull colours from their outfit to create a desired look for men and boys.


  1. Accessories

Accessories can be a powerful addition to your chosen outfit for your photoshoot. Therefore, it is essential to think outside of the box, you can choose from accessories such as hair accessories, hats, scarfs and jewellery to complete an image. The key is to get creative but be cautious, as you do not want to create overwhelming photo’s.


  1. Props

You can enhance your photo’s through adding meaning by using subtle props. This will create a vivid image with a meaningful element such as the use of flowers, children’s toys, a sentimental object, vintage camera or a family pet. However, do not let the prop be a distraction. The prop should blend well with the pictures.


  1. Shoes

Be mindful of your choice of shoes, as it could make or break your outfit. Trainers should be avoided, unless it is a sports related family shoot for example. Think about co-ordinating your shoes with your clothing and accessories, so the image looks bright and colourful and as a result you will be happy with the outcome.